Australian Review: Fitbit Charge HR – Life is but a game

I'm of the opinion that fitness trackers are fairly "dumb" pieces of technology. After all, most are just glorified pedometers that sync to your phone. The data taken isn't always accurate, whether you're talking about steps, calories burnt, distance travelled or your heartrate. But this doesn't stop them from being smart. It's not the technology that makes them smart, but the way in which they gamify fitness.

Knowing the information – no matter how rough – makes it easy to want to better yourself. For lack of a better word, I see it as a high score. When I'm doing weights, I count how many times I can lift say 40kg. Then the day after I try and do better. Fitness trackers simplify that process.

Fitbit is easily one of the front-runners when it comes to fitness tracking, and the Charge HR is their best fitness tracker yet.

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