Australian Review: Far Cry 4 – Neverland

If you thought a royal berserker or Molotov throwing heavy was bad enough just wait until a honey badger opens a can of whoop on you. Basically anything you see in Far Cry 4, no matter how small, is there to kill you. So shoot first and ask questions later. And therein lies the Achilles heel; this is Far Cry 3, but a bit bigger and a bit better. It's as fun as always but the overreaching plot line, setting and characters do make this feel like Neverland. Far Cry 4 is escapism at its best, and still offers an experience like no other. It still invites the reluctant protagonist to unleash his inner avatar to inevitably become the overlord of the land set before him.

Far Cry 4 is a beautiful game, and at times, breathtaking. You can easily sink a few too many hours into it before begrudgingly returning to reality. After all, even Peter Pan eventually had a mounting debt and bills to pay off.

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