Australian Review: Dell XPS 13 (2015) – Cognitive Dissonance

Final Thoughts 
Not only does the Dell XPS 13 outshine the vast majority of its Windows brethren, it goes toe-to-toe with Apple's high-end notebooks in terms of both design and usability. The XPS 13 is hard to fault.

The low Australia dollar means that XPS 13 models starts at AUD$1,499, with higher end models costing as much as AUD$2,499. The AUD$1,499 is slightly slower than my review unit featuring only 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. It would have been great to see 8GB of RAM in the entry level model, but the pricing isn't unfair or excessive when compared to the rest of the notebook and two-in-one market.

Upgrading to the specifications of my review unit will cost you an additional AUD$300, and will make the XPS 13 a little more future-proof. As such, it's something I'd definitely recommend. Personally, I think this configuration is the sweet spot, as the AUD$2,499 touchscreen XPS 13 is a little too expensive for what it is – especially considering the higher resolution screen will eat into your battery life.

If you're in need of a reasonably powerful Windows notebook and don't care about being able to convert into a tablet or the lack of a touchscreen, Dell's XPS 13 is a surprisingly excellent choice.

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