Australian Review: Dance Central: Spotlight – Cutting a mean wiggle

Workout is a fitness-centric that makes use of the same songs but with different routines and tracks the number of calories a player burns. After picking a workout duration – anywhere between 10 and 90 minutes – players can choose from a few different settings including difficulty levels and routine style. Players have the option of playing songs with cardio routines featuring faster movements designed to get the old ticker racing or strength routines that focus on building muscle in the arms and legs.

I found the even basic routines made me break a sweat – on the easiest difficulty. Even the fittest person in our office, a regular hockey player, felt pretty beat after a few songs in a row. While a 15 minute play session only apparently burns 80 calories, it can feels like a million.

Before purchasing Spotlight, make sure you have enough room to play it – the Kinect 2 requires about 1.4 metres to track effectively, and more when there's two players. I was only able to play single player in my apartment, but we had no issues testing multiplayer in the studio at the office.

The idea of Dance Central might seem a bit daunting for some, but the key is to approach the game with an open mind and some friends – and it’s a great spectator sport, especially when mixed with some liquid confidence.

Dance Central: Spotlight is best played with friends, but its also great by yourself and a pretty decent workout. The only real downside is that while the initial asking price is low, only having 10 songs can get old quickly, especially if you're not a fan of all of them.

I've been playing Dance Central since the series' first iteration, and Spotlight hasn't lost any games' trademark charm – it's a more than worthy successor. Overall, Dance Central: Spotlight is silly, a good workout and damn good fun.

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