Australian Review: Bloodborne – Obsession

Bloodborne is the perfect successor to Dark Souls. It trims the fat, and refines the core formula into a much tighter experience. While the focus on melee combat may remove some of the freedom you once had in character creation, it makes Bloodborne feel like a much more cohesive, fluid experience and makes insurmountable challenges less likely.

Bloodborne is the kind of game that can take over your life; when I wasn't hacking away at eldritch monstrosities in the early hours of the morning, I was reading lore theories and stories of other player's exploits while wrapped up in bed. It's the kind of the game that had me longing for clock to hit 5:30 so I could get home and delve deeper into its nightmare.

Bloodborne is the kind of game that can easily become an obsession.

Bloodborne is available for and was reviewed on PlayStation 4