Australian Review: Apple MacBook (2016) – Take two

It's hard to believe Apple's impossibly thin MacBook is now over a year old. In my review of what was then referred to "the new MacBook", I extoled the virtues of waiting for second generation devices when it comes to Apple. After all, a year is often all you need to iron out any quirks. The second generation MacBook (the new, new MacBook, I guess?) improves on the original in a number of meaningful way, but it's still not a MacBook Air killer, and it's still divisive. It's a better machine, but you'll either love or hate it.

For the purpose of this review, I was loaned a second generation MacBook kitted out with a sixth generation Core m3 processor and 256GB SSD (in rose gold, no less) that retails for AUD$1,999. A Core m5 version with a 512GB SSD is available for AUD$2,449. Both models ship with 8GB of RAM and an Intel HD Graphics 515 GPU. 

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