Australian Review: Amazon Kindle Voyage – I can’t believe it’s not paper

Amazon's latest e-reader, the Kindle Voyage, is a paper killer. It's an e-reader that not only matches the experience of a physical book thanks to its new high-resolution screen, but improves on it. There's just one problem: last year's model is much better value.

The Kindle Voyage is a small, lightweight device that you can comfortable hold in one hand. It's about the same height and thickness as an iPhone 6 Plus, but a third or so wider. Impressively, the Kindle Voyage only weighs 180g, making it perfect for extended usage; it's easily lighter than your average paperback.

While the Kindle Voyage isn't too different from its predecessor, the Paperwhite, the big new addition is a higher resolution screen. The Kindle Voyage still features the same 6-inch e-ink display size used through Amazon's entire e-reader family, but with a much larger number of pixels; 300 per inch to be precise. This is almost identical to the resolution that physical books and magazines are printed in. In practice, this isn't a huge difference from Amazon's older devices, but it certainly is noticeable.

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