Australian Review: 3SIXT Snap Stick – Really?

The biggest problem with the Snap Stick is that using it in public result in scathing glances, encourage abuse and inconvenience others. You'll also look like a bit of a twat. The Snap Stick's long length makes it very easy to obstruct the path of others, or even hit them. As aforementioned, I had a few too many close calls with selfie sticks at CES.

If you're using a phablet are in the market for a selfie stick, look elsewhere; there's just too much risk that the Snap Stick will snap and drop your AUD$1000 phone. Personally, I'd avoid it full stop. The 3SIXT Snap Stick is a functional product, but it has the unfortunate side-effect of making the owner look vain. If you don't mind looking a little narcissistic, please be mindful of others when using the Snap Stick, and selfie responsibly.

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