Aussies think piracy is OK

A Galaxy Research poll commissioned by Microsoft has discovered that 64 percent of Australian computer users aged betwen 16-24 think piracy is acceptable in some situations.

Bad news for Microsoft, who have recently launched a campaign to help stamp out piracy of their popular Office Suite.

Currently Microsoft is encouraging users to download a program call Office Genuine Advantage to check the authenticity of their copy of Office.

Microsoft Australia spokesman Steve Johns suggested using pirated software could result in serious security risks for users .

“Aussies are putting themselves at risk by using pirated software, which independent studies have shown to be 43 per cent more vulnerable to viruses and spyware,” Mr Johns said.

Microsoft says the OGA software does not disable the program.

Johns also confirmed that people who found they were victims of counterfeit software could submit a report to Microsoft and may be eligible for a complimentary copy of Microsoft Office.