Audi Travolution reads traffic lights

Audi have developed a new system to synchronise your GPS with traffic lights as well as the road.

Audi has lent its support to develop Travolution, a system that synchronises your car with traffic lights and even tells you the speed to drive to get a green light all the way through.

The traffic communication system is being piloted Ingolstadt, Germany, where 46 traffic lights transmit signals to specially modified A5 and A6 Audi Avant cars. The cars receive the signal and then display the traffic light on the GPS screen on the dashboard.

There’s no word on whether or not the cars can transmit signals to traffic lights to get them to turn green. Travolution hasn’t been tested in unexpected traffic or in the case where you’re unable to do the suggested speed, like when you’re behind a bus or a slow driver.

Audi plan to expand the pilot soon by adding 20 cars and 50 traffic lights to the project.

Source: Gizmodo