Atari Getting Saucy With Facebook

Atari has added a social networking application to its range of products

Atari has launched a social networking application: Atari Photo Sauce, which allows Facebook users to express themselves by digitally decorating and personalising their own photos with colorful and fun stickers, speech bubbles and accessories.

Atari Photo Sauce is now available to more than 300 million active users on Facebook via the site’s application directory and can be accessed directly through

Through the expansive sticker catalogue of cute graphics, irreverent sayings and funny accessories, Atari Photo Sauce enables users to create a unique story told through their pictures. Additional features include popular sayings and cultural memes with colorful graphics and accessories such as, gold chains, teddy bear helmets and over-sized shades.

The application is seamlessly integrated with users’ photos on Facebook and features a slick interface that allows users to simply drag and drop the material onto their digital images. Once a photo is ‘Photo Sauced’, users can publish it in their Facebook stream for their friends to see with a Photo Sauce thumbnail appearing in the story. Tagged friends are notified via the application and receive a message saying ‘You’ve Been Photo Sauced!’ Additionally, Atari Photo Sauce allows users to create personalised and unique digital greeting cards featuring their own photos and special message.

Atari plans to release new stickers for various holidays, events and pop culture moments that will be accessible inside the application.