ASUS Notebooks: Long Battery Life

ASUS claims its latest units off the shelf have enhanced visuals and extended battery life.

As well as a claimed extension on battery life, ASUS says its new range of notebook computers come with the new NVIDIA Optimus technology, and include the multimedia N Series and Slim and light U/UL Series.

The ASUS N Series notebooks represent the latest in mobile multimedia entertainment technology, combining optimised graphics performance and a claimed long-lasting battery life. NVIDIA Optimus technology works intelligently in the background and monitors the programs being launched at any given moment.

Discrete graphics are used for applications such as games and multimedia applications, while integrated graphics are used for operations such as reading of emails and documents. The transition between discrete and integrated graphics is seamless and requires no user-intervention while delivering the best graphics quality and energy conservation at the same time. That means that users will no longer have to compromise on graphics and battery life and still enjoy the best of what the ASUS N Series has to offer: the pinnacle of multimedia enjoyment on-the-move.