Asus launch a few more Eee

Asus throw a couple more Netbooks into the mix with one of them looking like it could be a real game changer for the Eee-tastic company.

This just in from Asus over at CES is a bit of news about two new Eee-based PC’s. The brand that really got the whole “Netbook Revolution” going is going to attempt to lead the pack again especially with big players like MSI, Acer, HP and Dell really putting their heads into the game now more than ever.

The two computers include the brand new S121 and the one that’ll be drawing a lot of attention, the Eee PC T91.

The Asus S121 follows on from its S101 classy Netbook style and increases the size from a 10″ display to a 12.2″ screen size. Not just that, the new Netbook which really sort of resembles a small notebook or sub-notebook also features Intel’s dual-core Atom Z520 as well as a 512GB Solid State Drive. You’ll get around 8 hours of battery life from it and I can see this competing with the MSI U115 we mentioned yesterday.

The bigger announcement here from Asus though is probably the Eee PC T91, an Eee PC with a tablet twist.

That’s right, Apple still won’t deliver one but Asus have come along and converted the original Netbook into a proper convertible tablet computer. It’s not the first tablet notebook – Gigabyte beat Asus to that last year – but it does come packing some heat with the 2.54 cm thick portable donning an 8.9 inch LED touchscreen, the new Intel dual-core Z520 Atom, a TV-tuner, and a GPS.

Going off of those specs, this could possibly be the computer for your car when this comes out.

No pricing or availability details yet, but we’ll keep you updated when we know more.