Asterix Goes Home To Ubisoft

French gaming giant gets rights to popular French comic books

In what seems a perfect synergy, French gaming publisher Ubisoft has bought into the licensing of the popular French comic book character Asterix and friends, which was created by René Goscinny and Alberto Uderzo in 1959.

Ubisoft announced will develop a video game based on the adventures of Asterix, which wil lbe created specifically for the Nintendo DS.

This new title will be based on the original storyline of the famous series of comic strips, “The Adventures of Asterix.”

Gamers will be able to relive the adventures of Asterix and his band of invincible Gauls, taking the role of one of their favorite characters in 20 mini-games. Four different locations will be available: the village, the forest, the Roman camp, and the seaside, each counting five mini-games where players will need to protect their village from the Romans.
The game will also include a two player mode.