Apple working towards a greener future

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has fired back at environmentalists, saying his company is an industry leader in removing toxic chemicals from its products and promoting recycling.

Apple plans to completely eliminate the use of arsenic in its displays by the end of 2008. The company will eventually stop using mercury and will transition to LED backlighting whenever possible, Mr Jobs wrote in a five-page memo published on the company’s website.

Apple will also change its communications strategy and be more proactive in promoting its environmental goals in 2008 and beyond, Mr Jobs said.

“It is generally not Apple’s policy to trumpet our plans for the future,” Mr Jobs wrote. “Unfortunately this policy has left our customers, shareholders, employees and the industry in the dark about Apple’s desires and plans to become greener.”

The memo comes as activists target the company for lacklustre recycling initiatives. Environmentalists have picketed Apple headquarters and company conferences, wearing placards and chanting, “From iPod to iWaste”.

In response to Mr Jobs’ memo, the environmental group Greenpeace said it will boost Apple’s score in its June “Guide to Greener Electronics,” to approximately 5 out of 10, up from 2.7 at present.

Source: Australian IT

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