Apple to unveil new versions of iPod

Apple’s invite only, ‘Let’s Rock’ press event scheduled for tomorrow will give San Francisco journos a taste of what the company has in store for their new iPod line. Tech analysts expect that the company will launch a new version of the iPod Touch, featuring all the capabilities of the iPhone, minus the mobile phone service.

Tech heads are also predicting a return to the old slim Nano design. With iMacs also in short supply many are wondering if the crew from Apple will also be launching a new model. Will the long awaited tablet make an appearance? We will have to wait and see…

The same day Apple announced its press event, Microsoft revealed plans to revamp their music player, The Zune. The Zune line-up is being expanded to include devices with 16GB of flash memory selling for about $US200 ($248) each and a $US250 ($310) model with a hard drive offering 120GB of memory.

Free software updates will let people instantly buy songs they hear on the player’s built-in FM radio and wirelessly download music from the Zune Marketplace without having to connect to computers.

Clear Channel Radio chief executive John Hogan said “We’ve always known that radio is the primary source for discovering new music. Microsoft’s decision to marry music discovery and delivery does two things: enables consumers to instantly satisfy their passion and enables FM song tagging to be enjoyed by all radio listeners, everywhere.”

Microsoft software will also let Zune users customise radio “channels” that pick songs based on their tastes. The Zune software will also allow users to listen to audio books.