Apple sued: Will the real iPod creator please stand up?

With a lawsuit being argued in the courts of America, Apple finds the real creator of the iPod.

In case you haven’t heard, Apple are being sued. This seems to happen to Apple a lot lately with Apple being sued for false advertising claims in their products (twice actually, another which got settled right before this one started), Apple sued for hearing loss, and even the idea of monopolization coming around to bite them and not Microsoft (for a change).

This new lawsuit though is slightly different and instead challenges several of Apple’s patents against a company called Filed in April of this year, Burst are claiming that Apple are infringing on some of their own patents but in an interesting twist on all of this, Apple have given a nod to the guy who you can now give credit to being the true creator of the iPod.

You see Apple weren’t the first to come up with the mp3 player. Not even close.

Back in 1979, A British chap by the name of Kane Kramer came up with the IXL, a small credit card sized player that could store three-and-a-half minutes of music on a single chip and had a navigational ability. Now a furniture salesman, Kramer was called in by Apple to come in and be questioned by the legal teams to help Apple win the lawsuit.

Now we just have to see Apple do the right thing and give some of that iPod money back to the guy who created it.

Posted by Leigh D. Stark