Apple Say No To Google

There’s no love lost between Google and Apple, with the later closing the window on the much-anticipated Google Voice application.

With Apple recently telling Microsoft to pull its ‘misleading’ ads, the House of Job has now said it will not be supporting the mooted Google Voice applications. This includes third-party applications that support Google’s VOIP and telephony product.

Most pundits this has been brought about because some of the features of the Google product compete with similar functionality available on the iPhone.

There is also speculation that some carriers in the US objected to the application because Google has managed to work it so its app skirts around the carrier’s service by providing SMSing for free, as well as cheap calls internationally.

While Apple does have more than 65,000 applications, it might start alienating those who develop applications for its products. There are a slew of other app stores out there now including those by LG, RIM and Nokia. Apple might be cutting off its nose to spite its face.