Amaysim Mobile Provider With Local Call Centre? Yes Please

  • Call centre based in Sydney
  • SIM only service (no phone)
  • Here for the long haul

Amaysim is a new mobile provider, which claims to offer the best prices for SMS, calling and data downloads in Australia. While TPG might have something to say about that with its $1 plan, a main point of difference that Amaysim will be offering is a local call centre.

Unlike all other mobile service providers, Amaysim – founded by four German entrepreneurs – might have hit on something that the other main players in the market – and the likes of TPG – have either ignored, or don’t care about – a local call centre to take care of your problems.

At the launch in Sydney today, CEO Rolf Hansen went as far as to say that service was one of the main planks the company was launched on and was very keen to know if they could improve. “We are open to feedback so we can make the service better,” he said. Already we have made some changes to our original terms and conditions thanks to the input of [financial expert] Greg Smith.”

So what exactly is the company offering? Well it offers SIM or microSIM so there is no phone on offer, and it utilises the Optus 3G network. You pay $0.15 for standard calls, $0.12 for SMSing and $0.05 for 1MBps downloads. Finally, there is no flagfall.

Amaysim SIM packs are available for $2 online at or from one of more than 2,000 retail outlets including: 7-Eleven, Harvey Norman, Woolworths Petrol, Newslink, and hundreds of independent mobile phone outlets. Amaysim recharge vouchers can be purchased to the value of $10, $20, $30 and $50 and are available at over 14,000 outlets including 7-Eleven, Harvey Norman, Woolworths, Dick Smith, Myer, Coles Express, Franklins and Caltex. Recharges last for 90 days and there is no roll out period.