Amaysim introduces AUD49.90 per month plan with 8GB of data

Amaysim today introduced a new top tier mobile plan including 8GB of data, and unlimited standard talk and text for AUD$49.90 per month. In an Amaysim first, the plan also incudes unlimited international text to 32 countries, and 300 international minutes to the same 32 countries. These include China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

The new plan headlines Amaysim's "one decision" approach to its suite of offerings.

"The one decision consumers need to make is how much data do I need or how much data can I afford," said Amaysim CEO Julian Ogrin. "We know Aussies want simplicity and certainty from their day-to-day expenses."

In addition, Amaysim has cut the cost of its 5GB plan to AUD$39.90 and introduced a new "Unlimited 5GB Plus" plan for AUD$44.90 with the same international calling inclusions as the telco's new 8GB plan.

Amaysim also offers a 1GB plan and 2GB plan for AUD$24.90 per month and AUD$29,90 per month, respectively.

While competing telcos have recently taken to bundling services such as Spotify, Netflix, and Apple Music with customers' plans, Ogrin described Amaysim as being very "vanilla".

"If you want to use Netflix or Spotify, you can do that with your 8GB of data," said Ogrin. "We don’t believe in forcing content onto the plan and assuming everyone wants that content."

Local internet service provider TPG recently cut its ties with Optus and is moving its mobile customers to Vodafone, but Orgin told CyberShack that Amaysim and Optus have what's "probably" Australia's strongest whosleale agreement.

"We have a very strong relationship with Optus. We went public and IPO'd more recently; our whole business model and relationship with Optus was put under the spotlight when talking with investors."

"The relationship with Optus is we're two brands with unique objectives: Optus is your traditional, trusted carrier brand, while Amaysim is an online disruptor appealing to consumers who want to have a new experience."

"It's why we can compete."

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