AKG’s N700 NCM2 Bluetooth headphones launch soon

AKG was an old European audio company that made premium headphones and microphones for studio use and home hi-fi setups. Samsung bought out AKG’s parent company Harman Kardon a few years ago and is releasing the first headphones from AKG’s new management.

The AKG N700 NCM2 is a wireless over-ear unit with noise cancelling and a huge battery life. It certainly looks the part of a premium pair of headphones, with black leatherette earpads and a suede-look headband reinforced with a metal beam. The cans fold flat for portability, and come with their own carrying case.

Charging is handled with a USB-C connector and charges from flat to full in around three hours. With active noise cancelling, the headphones will last 23 hours, or 32 hours if using a cable – although since the headphone jack is missing from most devices today, you might be hard pressed to find something to plug them into.

The headphones will connect to your device over Bluetooth, and if you use the companion app, you can change equaliser settings and other functionality.

The AKG N700 series has been around for a little while, and are priced at a slight premium. The new AKG N700 NCM2 will set you back $499 and launches in the next few weeks.

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