Aion Wins Gamescon Prize

Fledgling MMO Aion claims prize at gaming convention

MMO game Aion was voted Best Online Game and Gamescom 2009, which is not bad when you have the likes of World of Warcraft, Habbo Hotel and Club Penguin with huge followings.
Its publisher, Ncsoft, also announced an exclusive cross promotion giving players the ability to call upon the Aion wings emote within the Guild Wars family of games.

Designed as an added value and a way to say thanks to its biggest fans of the Guild Wars and Aion franchises, players that purchase an Aion Collector’s Edition, Limited Steelbook Edition or Standard Edition will be rewarded with a Guild Wars emote that displays the wings that have become synonymous with Aion.

While the Aion wings emote will stay active in a players account forever, the promotion has a limited run.