AFL and NRL Come To PSP

Australian developed AFL Challenge and Rugby League Challenge titles
arrive in July to PSP

For those who like watching their sports on the gigglebox and playing them at the same time, then maybe Sony Computer Entertainment’s two new PSP games might be up your alley.

Both AFL Challenge and Rugby League Challenge, developed by Melbourne-based company Wicked Witch Software, features, all of the leagues players recreated, every team will be represented from both codes in the two titles.

“AFL and NRL games have been a longstanding fixture on PlayStation2 and enjoyed over
the years by fans and players alike,” said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director SCE
Australia & New Zealand. “For the first time, we are bringing these two great footy codes to
PSP and are proud to be working with HES to support Australian development teams who
have created this great new PSP content.”

PSP device allows you to access games, music, videos, photos, online chat, Skype and
the PlayStation Store, all whilst on the go. Through its Remote Play function, you can even
access all the photos, music, videos and games stored on your PlayStation 3 at home via
the PSP from any Wi-Fi hotspot across the globe.