Adidas Offer Personalised Coach

Shoe manufacturer Adidas has branched out to include a new training platform for fitness fanatics

Whilst elite athletes are lucky enough to have coaches support them, most trainers or runners aren’t lucky enough to get that opportunity.

Adidas has created a product is believes will fill the gap between having a coach and a do-it-yourself regime.

MiCoach is a training platform to suit anyone’s needs, claims Adidas. It creates a personalised running plan, helps you track and monitor your progress after your workout, and offers real-time verbal coaching during your run that is linked to your heart rate, doing more than just telling you the distance you have covered, your pace or the amount of calories you have burned. 

Via the link with your heart rate monitor, MiCoach proactively coaches you to speed up, slow down, how far you have run etc, and to ensure that you are staying within your targeted heart-rate zone. This means you should always be running at the optimal level, not over or under-training and therefore preventing burn out and minimising the chance of injury.