5 Things I Found Since Installing Solar Panels and a Powerwall 2

In October 2017 the installation was completed on a 7.2 kWh solar panel system for my roof and a Tesla PowerWall2 in my garage. The total cost of the installation including GST was $27,000 and based on my power bills that had reached almost $1000 per quarter, I had calculated that after about six years the system would have funded itself.


Before you make such an investment you undertake a massive research initiative to ensure that you are investing your money correctly by installing such a system. However, since I have completed the installation and use it over summer I found out a lot more that I never learnt during the research phase.


Here are my top five reasons for installing a system such as mine:

5. There is no such thing as a Blackout. 

In the area of Sydney where I live on average we receive 1 to 2 blackouts per summer. Now when the power goes out you don’t even notice; all the household appliances continue to work as per normal. 


4. My LED lights no longer Flicker.

I recently built an office in the backyard of my house and noticed that the low-power consuming LED lights we installed would flicker at different points of the day. Apart from giving you a headache over time, it’s not good for the lights to have them operating in such manner. As soon as the PowerWall2 two was installed the lights no longer flickered as the battery ensures a smooth power delivery to all your appliances throughout the home. 


3. Everyone is sleeping better.

We now use our climate control system all the time. We have ducted climate control system and have found that the house is made much more comfortable by using either the air-conditioner, dry air or fan mode overnight. The system uses a 5 kW inverter and because it’s remarkably efficient, we have found the battery, if it’s charged 100% at 6 PM (which during summer is usually the case) can run the system all night before running out. As the power to run the system is essentially free we are using a lot more and everybody is sleeping much better. 


2. Hot Water is now free

Our hot water system uses heat pump technology. It’s essentially a reverse air-conditioner, and because it’s quite efficient at heating water can easily be run by the solar panels and battery. Hot water heating is often an expensive part of the family bill, but now this element is also free. This is one element that I didn’t even consider!


1. My system works better and saves more money than the Research told me.

When I installed the power system my expectation was I would still be purchasing some electricity from the grid. I have found that this is true, however the credits that I am earning by selling power back to the grid are far higher than what I am purchasing. Even considering the cost of the grid connection fee, I expect the power company will be sending me a cheque with my next bill. This will reduce the earned back period further.


I have made plenty of investments in my life but I have to say to date putting solar cells and a battery in my home have not only improved the quality of our lifestyle but is doing so at a lower cost to my family budget. 


Savings In Summary

  • Install cost – $27000
  • Annual PowerBill – $4000
  • Annual Power Credits – $300


  • Solar Panel Warranty – 15 years
  • Tesla PowerWall2 Warranty – 10 years


After just 10 years savings will be $13000
(not including Power credits AND Power price inflation)