3D Viewing Headset From Sony

  • Cinema-style virtual screen
  • Comes in about $900
  • Incorporates virtual surround technology

Sony Australia’s Personal 3D Viewer, the HMZT1, offers a new style of viewing for both 2D and 3D content in your living room complete with the visual and audio experiences of being in a movie theatre.

It is equipped with the newly developed 0.7-inch HD OLED panel, which has been developed through Sony’s knowledge in both OLED display and semiconductor silicon drive technologies. This technology provides high contrast, colour reproduction and fast response capabilities, videos are given added depth, allowing for smoother and higher-quality videos. It adopts the ‘dual panel 3D method’ which consists of separate panels for the left and right eye. With its own dedicated 3D video for the left and righteyes, viewers are now able to enjoy high resolution 3D video that is natural, bright and extremely pure with no crosstalk.

A culmination of Sony’s technologies ensures that true ultra-deep black tones and colours are reproduced faithfully, resulting in beautiful and stunningly crisp contrasted images.

This unit has a horizontal viewing angle of 45 degrees by incorporating an optical lens that suppresses unwanted aberration and distortion. This puts a cinema-style virtual screen in front of the viewer’s eyes, creating the equivalent of a 750-inch screen (virtual viewing distance 20m).

The design of this device is such that it results in a feeling of deep immersion with any information unrelated to viewing being isolated. Light from below the HMZT1can also be intercepted by using the accompanying light shield (shade plate), thereby further enhancing the feeling of being in a movie theatre for the viewer.

Incorporating Sony’s proprietary 5.1ch Virtual Surround Technology that was developed especially for headphones, the equivalent of a maximum 5.1ch multi-channel audio can be experienced adding to the effect of the viewer being present in the cinema. It comes with a choice of four different surround sound modes (standard, cinema, game and music) to suit any type of content.

It is compatible with a range of 3D products and 3D content production systems such as Sony’s PlayStation 3 Gaming Console, Blu-ray disc players and VAIO notebooks.