3 And Vodafone Go Ga Ga Over Google

The new HTC Android phone is being picked up by both Vodafone and 3

HTC’s Magic Google Android phone is about to be released and both Vodafone and 3 are already shouting from the rooftops that they will be stocking it, albeit with different reasons.
Vodafone’s rendition will come with firmware-over-the-air firmware update, Geotagging to photos, and a Picasa and YouTube function.

It will come pre-loaded with Google’s suite of services such a Gmail, Google Maps and Google Search and a 24-month warranty.

With FOTA, users will have the latest Android software on their mobile as firmware upgrades are automatically downloaded onto customers’ devices.

Vodafone will be offering the new, highly anticipated HTC Magic in either black or white.
3’s version comes pre-installed with an MSFT Exchange Client, Document and PDF reader, as well as a smart dialler application which lets you type the first few letters of any contact for quick dialling.

3 says it is offering 50% off all X-Series Ultimate packs, plus customers with will have unlimited access to Facebook.

On the cap plan offer coupled with the half price Internet deal, 3 customers will get the handset with up to 3GB of included data for less than $120 per month.