10GB Broadband For $30

Internode is offering 10GB as an entry level plan to take on Telstra.

South Australian-based broadband provider Internode has decided to up the ante in the broadband stakes with a $29.95 per month entry-level plan for its Extreme ADSL2+ broadband plan.

The Internode Home-Extreme-10 plan, which has a 10 GB monthly data quota, has to be bundled with a NodeLine phone service. Similar quota boosts and bundling discounts apply across the Extreme product range.

Higher quota plans have also been released for the NakedExtreme ADSL2+ plans. Internode has added an extra 20 GB per month to the data quota for its dialtone-free Easy Naked broadband service – this $70-a-month plan now has a matching 70GB monthly data quota.

Shaping speeds on the new Extreme and NakedExtreme plans are doubling to 128 kilobits per second (kbps) on Home plans, and a 512 kbps shaping rate on SOHO plans. Shaping is applied when customers exceed their monthly data quota, but choose not to buy extra “data blocks”. Value points for data blocks have also been improved for all ADSL customers, with a range of options topping out at 50 GB for $50.