1 Billionth Apple App Download Due Friday

Less than 12 months after launching, the 1 billionth App for the iPhone or iPod Touch is about to be downloaded.

British research company Mobile Squared is predicting this Friday will be the day when some lucky Apple fan will download the 1 billionth application on their iPhone or iPod. Check out the countdown here.

The person will be lucky because they will in to win a US$10,000 iTunes gift card, an iPod touch, a Time Capsule, and a MacBook Pro. We note it it says AND not OR on the US Apple website, so we assume the winner is getting all the prizes, and not a choice. It also mentions that it is 1 billion global downloads, not just the US, so we hope that since the rest of the world has helped the store reach that figure, downloaders from outside the USA are eligible for the prizes on offer.

The research company says it took almost six months for 500 million apps to download, which means the next half a billion has almost taken half the time. With new apps being added every day, no doubt some very popular ones have been added recently.