World Cup Applications on the iPhone/iPad

With the FIFA World Cup in full swing, we decided to look at a few gaming applications. First up, the EA Sports 2010 FIFA World Cup game. This application is for the iPhone and iPod Touch and allows you to play as any of 106 international teams, even if you didn’t qualify.

And for the more confident players, you can play in the Captain your Country mode, and take on the additional responsibilities. The game features all 10 stadiums hosting the World Cup in South Africa, and reviewers have complimented the adjustments to game play for the iphone.

Real Football 2010 in HD for the iPad is a visual extravaganza. It is in full HD, with real players, and with 14 stadiums modeled in 3D down to the slightest detail, you will actually feel like you’re on the soccer pitch.

Control wise, there’s a direction pad for total control of the ball, you can throw in by tilting the pad, select your players by touching the screen, andchange your strategy on the fly with an offense/defense cursor.

Here’s a starting point to show how the game works.

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