Weird TV And Other Wonderful Websites

We all know YouTube, but when you want to see the strange, weird or just downright loopy, there is Weird.TV Just about every weird, silly and off this planet video has been collected by weird TV, so if you have a couple of spare hours, sit back, relax and see how strange the world really can be. Everything from the worst Family Feud Contestant to Funniest animals—Weird TV contains all the strangest the World Wide Web has to offer. is a great resource for those that want to use up their valuable time to play online games. And not just any games, everything from classics like Monopoly, to car racing games, shooting games, escape games and even a section for multiplayer gaming.

Monoface is another one of those sites that will literally let you whittle your time away with surprising ease. Basically, Monoface lets you morph an endless combination of physical features from pictures of real people. All you need to do is click to combine different eyes, noses, mouths, eyebrows, beards and a host of other attributes until you find one that is suitably funny. With nearly 760,000 faces to choose from, it'll take you a while to run out of silly face ideas, and you can save the weird faces onto your computer to send to your friends or even to make as a screensaver.

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