Virtual Worlds Online

We checked out some virtual world websites that would interest CyberShack viewers. First up was TinierMe is a virtual world where you can customise your own personal Avatar, interact with others, and play online games for free. The Avatar’s are called Selfy’s, which allow you to create you own look, feel and even dress sense. Once created, you can use your Selfy to chat, play games and become part of the Tinier Me online community.

Next up is eRepublik. It’s a combination of a multiplayer online game, social networking service and strategy web browser game. It’s set in a parallel universe called ‘New World’ where the players, or Citizens, pick a virtual country they wish to join, each of which is named after a country in the real world.

If you’re sick of a virtual earth and you would like to try a virtual planet in another galaxy, then you might want to go to Ogame. OGame is a space-war themed multiplayer online browser game and virtual space world. Currently there are over two million accounts and 49 universes in OGame, so I’m sure you will find something you want.

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