Toshiba A660/07R 3D Notebook

Built chiefly for gaming, Toshiba’s A660 notebook is a powerful, well-built all-rounder that will have you immersed in the exciting world of 3D games and movies.

As in televisions, the technology that make a good 3D picture translates into a beautiful 2D view as well, so you’ll be impressed looking at your snaps or regular video.

The GeForce specs come as part of the A660 NVIDIA package and amazingly the NVIDIA graphics card can automatically transform a long list of 2D games to make them 3D, so just chuck on the glasses and you’re away.

It has a nifty USB port you can use to charge devices even when the laptop is off – perfect for traveling. It’s also got VGA and HDMI Outputs. Add to that a fine set of Harmon Kardon speakers and a Blu-Ray burner/DVD rewritable drive and you’ve got a pretty solid package.

For more on Toshiba gear, visit Harvey Norman.

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