Sony Vaio and Uniden Cordless Phone

Sony's VAIO VPCL118FG touchscreen all-in-one PC is intended to act as a multimedia centre, with a digital TV tuner and Blu Ray DVD drive included in the unit. The 24-inch monitor is going to make your DVDs, YouTube videos and games look amazing with the full HD 1080p resolution.

Driven by Windows 7, you can select your files, launch applications and just scroll around in general, all without a mouse.

The 118FG all in one is – an all in one – when its not acting as the grooviest home media centre on the block, it can be used as your everyday PC, adding to the overall computer capacity in your home or office.

Uniden' XDECT R003BT Extend Digital R Series Cordless Phone can be Bluetoothed with your mobile. This means that even though your mobile is left in your handbag, in another room, when your friends call your mobile, it will automatically call the XDECT, meaning you don’t miss it. The XDECT automatically pairs with your mobile on all the cordless handsets you have in your home.

Two mobile phones can be paired with this unit. The other reason is, well, if you like to talk, and talk, and talk – the XDECT allows you to take advantage of cheap mobile to mobile talk rates, whilst giving you the ergonomic comfort and safety of a cordless phone. And with a range of over 100 metres from the base station, you will still be truly mobile.

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