Samsung NX100 Camera

The NX100 is a mirrorless camera, which is the same as your current ‘point and shoot’ digital cameras, but with advanced functionality and technology that allows it to compete with the more professional Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras. It is compact, and in terms of size and fits comfortably in your hand.

The iFunction on the lens is the groundbreaking feature of the NX100, and the technology which will encourage amateur photographers to pick up professional techniques with ease. You simply tap the button with your finger while you’re setting your shot, and a setting pops up on the bottom of the live view display, where you use your hand to spin a ring on the lens that allows you to change settings on the fly.

With the iFunction lens, you can change the white balance and exposure, the ISO and shutter speed. Camera blogs are heralding the iFunction as a serious advancement from Samsung.

The controls for the camera are easily located, the 3 inch AMOLED screen is bright and can be seen in direct sun, and down the side of the unit, there is a flap containing HDMI and USB outputs, as well as DC power and a remote shutter release.

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