Samsung Galaxy Tab

There’s plenty of reasons why web enabled tablets dominated CES this year – their desirability and practicality for surfing web with custom apps, and they’re handy as portable multimedia devices with photo taking and display. Also, as education and business devices, tablets are increasingly changing the way we compute. Another bonus is they’re a touchscreen device so no keyboard and mouse required.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab continued to draw attention at CES, it’s a 7-inch Android-based tablet with two cameras that allows users to video call. The front camera is 1.3 megapixel and the back is 3 megapixel with a flash.

The Tab is also compatible with Flash , which the multitouch is effortless and there’s a headphone jack, and decent built-in speakers.

But the way to get performance from the Tab is to start using apps and the web browser, in particular, calendar and mail come alive with purpose-built apps for the screen size. It switches between portrait and landscape, acts as an e reader and the white underbelly finish is pleasing to the eye.

The Tab feels light and portable, and the calibre of apps being made for the Android operating system are improving every week.

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