Samsung C7000 LCD TV

Like most flatscreen televisions, the Samsung C7000 series has has a large range of connectivity, but the one add-on that will surely please those who have embraced the digital age is the ability to be connected to the internet via its Internet@TV feature.

This means users can stream the net via the television, and allows them to go to websites such as Youtube and and play videos through the TV screen. And don't worry if the footage is not that great, the C7000 series has the ability to upscale and render most videos so that you can view the content on your TV in better quality than your would be able to on your PC.

You will also be able to use the connection to Skype your family, so you can call your friends and family from your TV instead of your PC and be able to see them in crisp, clean colour.

Then there are other features that will no doubt be popular amongst fans of the net including Twitter, Sudoku, Accuweather and a history application.

If you would like to know more about the Samsung C7000 plasma TV, click here.

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