Powerful Gaming Comes To Laptop

The Qosmio X500 has been designed for gamers who not only like to take their gaming experience on the road, but like a little more oompf in the back end.

So what is under the hood of this robust unit? First, it has a full HD LCD screen, which means your images will be clean and sharp, and allow a full immersion gaming experience.

It comes with Harmon Kardon stereo speakers, that will also make you feel you are in amongst the action – just make sure you're using headphones if you're on the train or bus.

There is also a web camera that not only records in HD video, but you can Skype friends and family without horrible pixelation. On board is also a BluRay player and burner, so you can watch HD movies and create your own HD home movies with excellent sound and vision.

Finally, there is Toshiba Eco-Utility feature, this is a great new addition that will appeal to those who are environmentally minded.

For more information on the Qosmio, click here.

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