Panasonic Camera TZ10

Panasonic’s TZ10 camera includes a super compact zoom and image stabilisation. It takes 14 megapixel shots, and HD video, too. Yet the TZ10’s main feature is the internal GPS system, which tags every photo you take with latitude and longitude coordinates. These coordinates can also be ingested by all the large photo portals.

The G2 is a camera to suit the photographer who wants to step up to the next level, with interchangeable lenses, or the experienced photographer who wants to take advantage of the intelligent automation the G2 provides. Whist it can be set to manual control, it’s the ability to fully automate this camera and concentrate on your shots which makes it a great leap forward.

This is said to be the first camera to feature a finger control system. You touch the LCD screen to indicate the subject, you want to shoot, and the G2 automatically focuses on it instantly. The touch controls are incredibly responsive and the screen can be manipulated in every direction.

There is more information on the camera on Panasonic’s website.

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