Nikon’s D-Movie Mode

There was a time when a camera was just a camera, you developed the film and you were limited by 12, 24, 36 or 48 shots, and even then some might not have turned out.

Then digital came along, and not only do you now have almost unlimited storage space for your pics due to SD cards and hard drives, but you can now take home movies in high-definition. Some Nikon models have this function, but they also have the D-Movie mode, which will give you a range of formats to choose.

There is HD resolution for those with HD TV, as well as standard resolution for those with SD televisions. There is even a VGA mode for clips that you want to put up on the web. Nikon has made sure that video files are compatible with most video editing programs including i-movie and media player, so you don't have to worry about finding a program to edit them.

They also have interchangeable Nikkor lenses, which are not only a sign of quality, but allow you to have a choice of focal lengths depending on what you are shooting – try that with a camcorder. Plus, due to the large sensors and Expeed processors, you can create cinematic quality videos. Finally, there is the in-camera movie editing option.

This is a time-saver in that you can do some of the basic editing of a video without having to download it to a PC. Very handy if you are travelling overseas and want to save storage space on the camera.

For more information of Nikon gear including D-Movie mode, click here.

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