Netgear’s Push2TV Adapter

NETGEAR Push2TV offers the ability to view your digital content on any HDMI enabled TV – essentially it's an easy-to-use TV adapter working with Notebook PCs that have Intel Wireless Display Technology or WIDI built in.

Push2TV allows users to view whatever is displayed on their laptop screen, and have it transferred onto their HDTV, wirelessly. With an intuitive setup and using standard WiFi technology, the laptop screen is ‘pushed’ to the big screen TV without the need for cables stretching across a room.

User can then experience music, pictures, or videos from their computer, home network, or online in HD quality on a big screen TV. The unit is small and lightweight, making it easy to switch between TVs, and it is portable enough to take on the road, allowing users to surf the web from the couch – access TV shows and movies online.

If you want more information on NETGEAR products, click here.

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