Netgear EVA 2000 and Stora

Netgear's EVA 2000 and Stora allows your television to be turned into a media hub whereby you can watch movies, look at pictures, listen to music and watch home video clips.

Netgear's Digital Entertainer Live is a compact HD media player that connects directly to your TV and home media, allowing you to access your digital media collection stored on all your connected devices including the Netgear Stora, and enjoy it directly on your TV.

Instead of huddling around a small computer screen to watch the latest YouTube video, users can show it on their TV for everyone to enjoy.

Finding stored videos is simple – you use the remote control to scroll through the menu or enter keywords and the Netgear Digital Entertainer live will automatically display matches dynamically as you key in letters.

It is simple to connect and configure the Digital Entertainment Live unit, as you can plug it all in with the supplied cables or if you gave a home wireless network, use the Netgear Digital Live Wireless USB adapter for fast wireless connection.

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