Microsoft Evangelist Michael Kordahi

Charlie spoke with Michael Kordahi about Windows 7, the latest roll out from Microsoft and what it can do. There is the snap function, which will 'snap' two Windows neatly into the monitor screen side-by-side – no more of trying to manually fit a open Window into such a space.

He is also impressed with the ease-of-use of the media centre, which is a PC plugged into the television and allows you to watch, record and schedule television programmes, as well as put up home videos and pictures.

Michael also pointed out how the networking of the system is so much better than in the old days when USB sticks were used to download and upload stuff. With the Home Group function any computer can be connected to the home system – even one from a visiting friend of family member.

When you add a child's computer to the network, you can put parental controls in place.


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