LG Vacuum Cleaner

  • Motorised sensor drive system
  • Carbon HEPA Filter
  • Dust compression technology

By Branko Miletic

These days, having a bagless vacuum cleaner is hardly news, but having one the ability to walk after you? That’s new.

LG has some pedigree in this area. As one of the few companies that make robotic vacuum cleaners, the company knows a thing or two about cleaners that can move around by themselves.

The 2000W Multi Cyclonic Bagless Kompressor Follow Me Vacuum Cleaner from LG is not fully robotic – you still have to pull it along, but this is made much easier via its motorised sensor drive system – an assisted movement mechanism to help you navigate your way around your house. This is achieved by combining two sensors in on the body of the unit and 1 on the wand handle connected to an electro-gear array in the wheels.

But there is more to this little dust sucker than a few sensor-connected nylon gears. One of its more useful attributes is its dust compressing container (hence the name Kompressor). This is important as most other bagless vacuum cleaners only have a static volume for dust. LGs Kompressor on the other hand has the ability to squash the dust to one-third of its initial volume, meaning you can fit roughly three times more dirt and grime in the Kompressor as you can in competitor models. The company says the volume increases from 1.2 L to 3.6 L. So the less number of times you have to spend emptying out the dust container means your vacuuming is done quicker and with less fuss.

Another great feature is the carbon HEPA filter. In an age of multiple kids, pets and other carriers of allergens, HEPA filters (which stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) are a must if you want to not just clean but ensure that those things that make us sick are thrown away with the rest of the garbage.

I do have a couple of complaints, albeit small ones.  My first is the ever-shrinking power cord lengths – not just with this unit, but almost all other manufacturers, too. Now I know that most Koreans live in apartments that are not huge by Australian standards, but Australian homes have been getting bigger over the past 20 years and an eight metre cord doesn’t quite do it for me.

The other complaint is with the over-reliance on engine powers. The compressor comes with a 2000 W motor- which is more than most electric-powered mopeds. I realise that voltage and amperage come into consideration as well, but a simple rule of thumb is the higher the wattage, the greater the noise output. So like all other bagless vacuum cleaners, the Kompressor could be quieter. Also, a steam cleaning function would have been nice.

Having said that, at $749, this vacuum cleaner is priced and designed well-enough to suck the wind out of some of its more famous opposition.

Pros: Sensors designed to help movement, dust compressing technology is fantastic, carbon HEPA filter
Cons: short power cord, no steam function

4.3 Shacks Out of 5

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