LG Diagnosis Technology For Washing Machines

  • 10kg Capacity
  • 1400rpm Spin Speed
  • WEL Water Rating 4.5 Star

By Branko Miletic

LG is one of those companies that are spending a lot of their time under the media radar. I don't know why that is when they have products like the LG True Steam Front Loader Washer with smart diagnosis in their inventory- quite easily the cleaning edge of technology.

It smart diagnosis features works by allowing the machine to talk to a technician via your smartphone if something goes wrong with the machine. At its most basic, this means the vast majority of faults can be pre diagnosed, and therefore a technician will know what is wrong with the unit before he or she arrives to fix it. Even better, the diagnosis might mean the technician on the end of the phone can get you do press a couple of buttons that might fix the unit without having to go through a call out at all.

This washer is quite interesting in a number of ways. Apart from the Smart Diagnosis feature  it also uses LG's Direct Drive technology, something the company exhibited to me at a home appliance show in Germany a couple of years ago. Not only does this feature help keep the noise of the machine down to a bare minimum, but it also reduces the vibration, meaning you won’t come home and find your house flooded because your washing machine moved during the rinse cycle and ripped out the water connection.

I used this machine last year and I must say it totally blew me away, which is something I have never, ever said about a washing machine. With its six-motion wash cycle that is based on hand-washing techniques and medic rinse cycle designed to squeeze that very last molecule of cleaning goodness from your detergent,  LG's  True Steam Front Loader Washer is really worth every cent.

Then, and most importantly in my mind, is the True Steam feature. Now granted, when I first tried this, it threw me off a bit, but after a few washes, I started to appreciate why this attribute was developed. As the True Steam feature combines both water and steam working at higher temperatures, the detergent is dissolved much faster and your clothes come out somewhat fluffier.

So it dawned on me that what I was feeling and smelling were clothes that had basically been disinfected. Whilst this may not matter for things like shirts, shorts and jeans, when it comes to towels, underwear or even baby clothes, this is a very important feature.

And on the downside? Not much to complain about really. The unit is quite heavy, so when installing it, you need a helping hand- I still have the scar on my shin as a memento of that day.  And unlike some of LG's laundry technology, it does not come in the gorgeous candy-apple red colour but only in platinum.

Pros: True Steam feature, Smart Diagnosis, 10kg load capacity
Cons: overall weight of the unit

4.4 Shacks Out of 5



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