Kindle, iPad and Sony Reader

Anthony checkout three of the best ereaders on the market and summed up their pros and cons.

First up was the Kindle, made by online store Amazon, and is now in its third version. It comes in three models, with two with a six-inch screen and one larger.

A Kindle is light, only a quarter of a kilo for the regular model and feature an E-Ink screen – a surface that is easy to read in the sunlight. The battery power can last for up to a month before needing to be recharged. Because they are made by Amazon, who started out as a book seller, Kindle’s have the largest range of books, starting at about eight dollars for a bestseller.

Sony’s ‘Reader’ is similar to the Kindle though it allows more flexibility in file types. It also has a touchscreen and is also light. They are slightly more expensive than the Kindle though and books must be transferred via USB – wireless isn’t available on the Australian models.

Finally, we have the Apple iPad. Easily the flashiest of the bunch, its signature is the bright ten inch colour screen .

iPads are designed for much more than reading eBooks – and that’s reflected in the price. The lowest specced iPad is more than four times more expensive than the basic Kindle. The iPad’s screen may be great for pictures and video but can cause eye strain if used for long periods.

It’s usable, though not ideal for use in strong sunlight. Where it really shines is when you use it for the other features; web browsing, games, apps and video. It’s battery will need charging after about ten hours of use.

There is a plentiful supply of Public Domain or out-of-copyright books available online – you can get through some great classics without spending a cent.


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