Internet Comes To TV

Web television is yet another integration of everyday technology into your television set, with all the big vendors such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony, produce their own versions of being able to stream the Internet over your television.

Many services are being offered by different television companies and regardless of what you like, there is something there for everyone. To make it work all you need is a fast broadband connection.

If you are a movie buff you'll love LG's Netcast, which allows you to watch content from CinemaNow, YouTube and Netflix as well as access a range of other entertainment and information options – from the latest weather, to BigPond Movies.

BigPond Movies gives viewers access to the latest titles while BigPond TV provides both scheduled channels and video on demand. Panasonic offers WebTV through VieraCast, a technology that streams multimedia content from the Internet directly to the TV.

Viera Cast allows you to access family photos, YouTube videos, the latest weather and a host of additional online content. Sony has also thrown their hat into the ring, with connectivity available in its latest range of Bravia LCD TVs. Through Sony's Bravia Internet Video, users can access videos from YouTube, and Wired. Sony is also announcing new content suppliers in the near future. Samsung's internet@TV suite is a selection of web content and apps.

Yep, it includes YouTube like the others, but also Accuweather, Picasa, Sudoku and Texas Hold’em Poker. In addition, Samsung’s All Share feature allows consumers to view content from a PC, camera or mobile phone on their Samsung TV wirelessly through their network.

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