HTC Desire HD

HTC’s Desire HD includes a range of functions such as mapping, web surfing (with pages automatically scaled to fit the page.) and one-touch tap functionality.

If you’re thinking of grabbing an e-reader this summer, Desire HD has a library of books included already, with access to thousands more online.

The phone can sense when it’s buried in your handbag or even in your pocket, and rings louder, to get your attention, so you don’t miss calls.

If you like taking photos and videos on your phone, Desire HD has an 8 megapixel camera with dual flash, and records video in full 720p HD.  Once you’ve taken your photo, there’s a complete photo enhancing suite which is like adding different filters and effects, and mega simple tag and post functions to Facebook and Twitter.

Desire HD includes Dolby Mobile and SRS virtual surround sound for your videos and games, and there are more than 80,000 apps to choose from in the Android marketplace.

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