G-mee Play Pro is a Smart Device for Kids with Clever Parental Controls

The G-mee Play Pro is designed to perform faster than any other G-mee Play device.

It offers:

  • an Octacore processor
  • 4GB of ram
  • Android 12 full edition
  • Expandable storage with micro SD
  • 64gb internal memory

With the Play Pro, G-mee has taken these protections one step further making the device remotely controllable using the G-mee Co-Pilot ecosystem.

Using your Android or iOS device, you can install the Co-Pilot App onto your smart phone and then follow the prompts to take control over different parts of the Play Pro experience. As the Co-Pilot, the service takes you through the device set up and once done you can remote allow or disallow app access, set app access time limits, even switch the displays blue light On or Off.