Five Things You Didn’t Know About the iPad

Over 2 million ipads have been sold just 2 months after the tablet was introduced. Once you’ve connected with the right data pack for you, a whole world of functionality opens up.

The iPad can’t view Flash based media, but it comes with a YouTube application that allows you full access to YouTube.

The inbuilt calendar application has an interface that makes keeping track of your life fun. Your calendar can be viewed in notebook style, and in landscape or portrait modes. You can also sync up multiple calendars from work and home using Google sync.

With connectivity and surfing the web as core tenets of the ipad, the device has gone that extra length for access to your favourite sites, by allowing you to create Home screen bookmarks. These bookmarks appears as thumbnail icons which you can open without having to open the Safari browser.

Reading books on a tablet is a huge part of the ipad, and the developers are aware of how long hours of staring at a bright screen can strain the eyes. Hence, the ipad automatically adjusts the brightness of your screen depending on the conditions, to allow optimal viewing and minimal eye strain.

Finally, when using the Mail application, the iPad can recognize names, numbers and addresses and link these to relevant online information. Tapping on a name will bring up contact information from the contacts list, and tapping on an address will bring up a map and direction.

Here are some Optus data plans for the iPad.

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